The 3 E's

I suppose it had to happen despite my best intentions. I finally feel like a specialist. It's probably got something to do with my age and where I work, more on that later. Feeling like a specialist is good. ...more

November 19, 2023 #Nim #Python #Life

New blogging platform

I was previously running this blog using Gatsby JS. I've been looking for a simplified static hosting system for a while as Gatsby uses lots of NPM dependencies. ...more

November 11, 2023 #Info

Audio on Linux

After I upgraded to Win 11 I managed to get two interfaces working with ASIO drivers (from different manufacturers) with separate input/output in my DAW. Note, I did end up replacing one of my interfaces with an analogue desktop mixer/interface. With hindsight, I should have bought a mixer at the start. ...more

January 16, 2022 #Linux #Audio